Matthew Morris Salon

Matthew Morris Salon Family-

We never thought we would have to make an announcement such as this. These are challenging and unprecedented times, and we navigate through uncharted waters, we firstly want to thank you all of our patrons, family, and loved ones for their support in such an incredibly tough time. It truly is all of you who know our commitment to our community, and our love for providing a safe space for all to come together. It is the people that make Matthew Morris Salon Special, and it’s those same people that are out top priority.

Effective March 16th, we are closing all locations until April 30th 2020. This is temporary, and we expect to see everyone’s beautiful faces (and hair) soon.

Our motto has never rung more true-
“It you want to go fast, go alone. It you want to go far go together.” Together we will come out as an even stronger and closer community.

Matthew Morris & Marvin Gutierrez

Online Booking Available

Accepting future bookings for appointments starting may 1st 2020