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Why you should ALWAYS be using a thermique.

I know that my fellow stylists and I cannot stress enough how important it is to be using a thermique on a daily basis. Living in Colorado with the altitude and dry unpredictable weather, most of us all notice our hair just seems to never have enough moisture in it! Even those who do absolutely nothing with their hair, notice how dry their hair can get and wonder how in the world that could be. Using a leave-in thermique helps protect against wear and tear from the elements and ultimately helps prevent split ends from happening. Most people only think they need to use a protectant only if they’re styling their hair. That’s not true! Using just a dime size amount starting from the ends and working your way up to the root is all you need! Something so simple and easy to keep and maintain that beautiful luscious hair we all love and adore, is definitely worth it in the long run!! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your stylist today and find which thermique is the right fit for you!

Jessica Henderson @msjessicastyles



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