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How To Fight Fading!

Are You Protecting Your Hair Color?

by: @hairprof_kyle , at #mmsalonrino

What does that mean?

Protecting your color is more than using a color-safe shampoo. You need a color-protecting shampoo.

Color-safe shampoo systems are meant to not increase the rate that your hair color fades while addressing a separate hair concern.

Color-protecting shampoos are meant to work with your hair color to keep it pristine until your next appointment.

  Kérastase Reflection is our recommendation for the best color protection at Matthew Morris Salons.


Why Should I Invest In Protecting My Hair Color?

  Your hair is one of the first aspects of your appearance noticed by other people. When you color your hair, you are investing time and money into yourself; A large part of your investment should be set aside for appropriate after care for your newly discovered hair color. We recommend color-protecting hair care (Kérastase Reflection) to safeguard your hair investment, and keep it looking fresh, feeling great and still seeming brand new right up to your next appointment.

What If I Have Other Hair Concerns?

  That’s the great thing about Kérastase Reflection, it only needs to be used for 8-12 washes following your appointment at the salon! That means that after that period, you can begin to use a hair care system that will address other concerns you may have. In addition, Kérastase makes several leave-in treatments to supplement your concerns while you protect your color with Reflection when necessary.

How Does It Work?

  Kérastase Reflection uses the “Systéme Capture Advance” and the “Chelators Complex” to protect your hair color. The “Systéme Capture Advance” uses ionic bonds to hold color in, polishes the hair strand to promote shine (locking in the color molecules), Vitamin E to protect from UV, and antioxidants to fight the harmful effects of oxidation. The “Chelators Complex” acts as an on-contact water softener, negating the harmful effects of metals in your water. Separately, these two systems are great for defending hair color loss. Together, they are unstoppable!

Is It Right For My Hair?

  Kérastase Reflection is designed for use on all hair types, textures, and colors. With two shampoos and two treatments, there is a combination for any and all hair types.

  Come give it a try and feel the benefits for yourself!



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