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Lisa Maria Johnston






Phase 4


My style may range from 1930’s to boho, but no matter the look, my cuts and colors are guaranteed to be a custom fit for the client’s needs and their style. I have been in the hair industry since 1991. Before, during, and after receiving a B.A. in photography and art history, and while studying abroad at Uppsala University I continued to hone specifically my cutting skills and developed a realization that hair fiber is the most artistic canvas I craved to work with. After moving to San Francisco from Florida in 1996, I decided to become a hair color specialist. My apprenticeship over five years took me from diPietro Todd Salon to the infamous Architects and Heroes salons, perfecting, and understanding the range of options and limitations of color. After I spent 9 years at Renaissance Salon in upscale Pacific Heights effectually customizing the cut and color of my clients, I had the opportunity to work on many interesting clients of public interest. I am always jetting off for continuing education from Toronto, Los Angeles, New York to Chicago and beyond, always looking forward to more far away places to bring back the latest techniques and styles.

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